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I smell like a candy bar.

About a month before Detour I saw a masseuse who used liquefied cocoa butter as her oil of choice. I think she overdid it a bit, since I felt like I'd been dipped in a vat of Hershey's chocolate, but there ws no denying its moisturizing virtues and pleasant aroma. This afternoon I was looking through the selection of moisturizers at the Walgreens off 8th & Nicollet, searching in vain for some plain aloe vera, and noticed that they had a large pump bottle of cocoa butter lotion for only a little more than I'd paid for the aloe vera at Wal-Mart. Yes, the primary ingredients are water, glycerin, stearates and mineral oil, but it seems to do a much better job than the Vaseline Intensive Care I have at home without getting all over everything the way the Vaseline seems to.

Plus, of course, there's that smell, that sweet vanilla smell. ^_^
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