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Okay, this is annoying.

I dashed off some quick little essays at work over the last couple of days, one about backsliding during my personal Battle of the Bulge (or WW IV, for those of you enamored of bad Weight Watchers allusions) and another about Aaron McGruder. I then sent them home to my AOL account, but somewhere between wellsfargo.com's mail servers and AOL's mail servers they appear to have fallen into a black hole and been shredded into their component 1's and 0's before being dumped out along I-35W someplace. It makes me a little nervous about e-mailing anything else home, so I guess I'll start taking the floppy box to work again.

Anyhow, on the diet front, I tacked on five pounds since last Tuesday by dint of eating like a pig over the weekend and not doing nearly enough exercise to compensate. I don't expect to lose them as quickly as I put them on, but all the same I'm going to work at being more consistent about journaling. This was where I fell down last week - without the discipline of writing everything down and debiting the daily point total, it's just too easy to pig out. There's no real excuse for that. I have 34 points to work with every day (39 if I spread out the Flexpoints) and if I watch what I eat that's more than enough to get me through the day without gnawing on my arm - or anyone else's.
Having some of the two-point snack bars in my desk and my jacket will also help with that, since there are some long stretches of the day between meals - between lunch and dinner, for example.

With the shoulder tendonitis that's been annoying me, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that my masseuse did a real number on the shoulder tonight, which now feels better than it has in weeks; the bad news is that I'll probably have to ice it, eat ibuprofen, and have her work it fairly regularly until further notice. Well, there are a lot worse ways to spend an hour than having a beautiful brunette make one's muscles relax.

And now that the Twins have come from behind to beat the Blue Jays with a Jacque Jones sayonara homer, it's time to turn in.


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Apr. 28th, 2004 06:36 pm (UTC)
Weight? Me Too...
I've gone up three pounds since the last time I weighed myself over at Chris & Sue's (they've not this nifty lil doctor's scale, and when I'm over I try to find a moment to see where I'm at.

Not to freaked about it, though. I just started biking to work, and last time I was trying to lose weight I bounced up when I began my early morning walks around Lake Harriet. Sue said I was gaining muscle, and I'm dearly hoping that the same is happening now...

If you ask me, any muscle I'm gaining is all in my quads (they're the ones around the knee cap, right? I get off the bike after my 40 minute jaunt and they feel the size of the Hindenberg...
Apr. 28th, 2004 08:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Weight? Me Too...
Well, since I'm not doing anything more strenuous than walking out to catch the bus in the morning and strolling down to the post office (the Loop station, not the Main PO) I know the pounds that I added back on are pure blubber.
Apr. 28th, 2004 06:38 pm (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to add...
...I think I'll hold off on posting to Carol tonight. I found out today that there's a chance I might get laid off, so think I better lay off jumping on anyone...
Apr. 28th, 2004 08:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh, I forgot to add...
Well, that stinks. And after they rated you so highly, too.
Apr. 29th, 2004 06:47 am (UTC)
Well, I'm nobody to preach about losing weight... I've been fighting for the past few months, as well. I have found, however, that when I lift weights in the morning, I'm not nearly as snack-hungry, and I have more energy during the day, so that's what I've been doing...

that, and sticking to about 1500 calories per day.

Points, fat grams, carbs...whatever works best for you, that's what I say. I find that calories are how my body counts, and whenever I count and balance things out, I can lose weight.

Whether or not it'll be enough to wear my black miniskirt to ACEN is another matter.


Apr. 29th, 2004 04:59 pm (UTC)
Lifting weights is a good thing on two fronts - first, it's exercise, and second, it builds muscle, which cranks up the metabolism a notch. As you say, whatever works is good, and keeping the balance works.

Don't get discouraged if you haven't dropped enough to wear your miniskirt to ACen. There's always CONvergence, Diversicon, and AI. Ganbatte!
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