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One last post before dreaming

I had forgotten that tonight was the night we'd be getting our rough drafts looked at. Fortunately I had blitzed through most of it this afternoon and was able to print it out at the school's computer lab...good God, Chaska must be swimming in money. Between the library, the next door lab, and the classroom we're in there were about two dozen fairly speedy Dell desktops networked with two Laserjets and a color printer. Anyway, Steve & Sondra seemed pleased with the rough draft, told me to get the format straight over the weekend and finish the lit review. I'll need to start that before I finish it, though it won't be too hard since I have most of the articles downloaded and will take a quick glance through the three books I have in the list.

The paper review didn't take long; I was in there at 5 and out again by 5:30 even with a little chatting about what I'm going to be doing this next semester...catching up on the classes I bombed out of last summer, mostly. That damn reading class, for example.

Desktop may have had the course. The touchpad works okay now that I've plugged it into the serial port (former home of the old Palm III's HotSync Cable) but for some reason P-Machine can't see the thumb drive on the other side of the USB hub. I don't want to spend any of my upcoming student loan money on a new desktop...maybe I can have Best Buy troubleshoot the old beast, fix the I/O port and sound card, and whip it back into shape for another couple of years. We'll see.

A few last things to take care of, and then I fall over.
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