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So about last night..

I was having a pretty good night doing the Uber thing until about 2:40 this morning, when some asshole slammed into the back of my Hyundai while I was waiting for the light at Tropicana and Ocean. Said asshole hit me hard enough that I blacked out for a second; when I came to, I shut the engine off and was trying to figure out where my glasses went when the guy comes up to me and asks "What are you doing sitting in the intersection?" and "Are you okay?" My response was less than temperate - no, I was not okay, why the f*** did you hit me? He suggested we move our cars to the right lane of Tropicana and I told him I wasn't going anywhere until I found my glasses, which it took me a couple minutes to do. Once the vehicles were moved, he came over again and asked if I was okay (I wasn't) and then he just left.

I called 911 and then reported the accident to Uber; after about ten minutes a motorcycle cop arrived, took my statement, took pictures, talked to the Tropicana security guard who'd seen everything, and gave me a copy of the accident report. He asked me if I wanted an ambulance and/or a tow truck, and I stupidly said no. He told me I was free to drive at my own risk, so I motored on up the '15 to the VA hospital, because I wasn't sure what kind of hassles I was going to have with the civilian hospitals, especially on a Friday night. When i got out of my car in the ER parking lot, I was accosted by a Nevada Highway Patrol sergeant, who had a number of unkind things to say regarding my brains, common sense, etc., before getting around to delegating writing me up* to a regular NHP trooper. The VA policeman who joined the small mob of police on scene walked me to the triage desk, which is more than those fuckers from the NHP even offered to do.

While lying on a gurney at the ER, Uber called me to follow up and I gave them the accident report number, which I hadn't had at the time I filed the initial accident report with them. Doctor came by shortly thereafter and checked me out; he didn't see any need for a CAT scan and released me with some painkillers and muscle relaxants, which I am going to take right after I post this. I thought about taking an Uber home but decided the DVX bus was a better option, or at least cheaper. Changed buses downtown (and did breakfast at the Golden Nugget since I hadn't eaten anything but a bag of almonds since 9 PM last night) and took the SDX home.

What a shitty start to the off-season. The Hyundai is safe at the VA until at least Monday; I need to make arrangements with the credit union to get it fixed -or replaced, if it's too trashed to fix. But that's for Monday.

*for driving an unsafe vehicle. Court date's in July.
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