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Tuesday night considered as a series of sidewalks

I had completely forgotten about last night's meeting of the Registration Department until phoenixalpha called to ask me to inform drunkenphlower that she would be late. That being the case, I scuttled plans to catch the early 597 and took the 17 up Nicollet to 15th instead and then hiked the four blocks over to drunkenphlower's apartment. She'd laid on an excellent dinner of fajitas and fresh fruit, which were enjoyed along with a discussion of this year's efforts and some advanced planning for 2006. danae will be in charge of Registration next year, and will be adding more staff (piman and cthuljew were mentioned) in addition to doing some fixes for things that didn't work so well this year.

The meeting broke up about 8:30, about half an hour after phoenixalpha and Scott showed up, and we hit the bricks back to Nicollet at about 9:30. This caused us to miss the 9:45 535, which meant that by the time we climbed off the next one it was 10:45. No more BE Line for us; we had to leg it to the St. Luke's Park & Ride for the Kia and then ride home. It was probably the most sustained walking I'd done since Detour, and somehow I managed to pace myself so that I wasn't winded. We all got home around 11:30, and by the time I was done checking e-mail it was past midnight...so I'm short on sleep going into tonight's class, for which I have managed to get absolutely no work done this past week despite having Wednesday night off. I might manage to squeeze out some stuff this afternoon, but I'm not too optimistic about that; work has been starting to pick up and my brain feels like it's full of mud anyway. Bleah.
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