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Monday morning linkagery

Cobb doesn't think Sin City is all that.

Ann Althouse is looking for the right bathroom, preferably one without a pre-op transexual in it.

Powerline links to a Jonathan Last critique of the Washington Post analysis of JP2's reign. Short version: WaPo, like the rest of the MSM, still has its head up its butt when it comes to the Church. As if that weren't enough, Big Trunk serves up a savage beatdown of the Senate's last Klansman and some gratitude for John Paul II.

Mitch Berg, bored with fisking Nick Coleman and Air America, eagerly awaits the Huffington Report's debut.

Last but not least, Captain Ed is Banned In Canada! (What free speech rights, eh?)



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Apr. 4th, 2005 08:22 pm (UTC)
Althouse's article seems a bit more nuanced than your summation of it. Your summation even seems a little callous to me.

I can say from personal experience that it's very difficult for transgender people to deal with the bathroom issue. If it isn't strangers on the street thinking it's appropriate to ask us what's in our pants, it's people telling us that all the bathrooms are off-limits to us.

Transgender people have a right to use public bathrooms. If they're living as women, they should use the women's restroom. A transgender woman using a women's restroom is probably more afraid of everyone else, and with real cause, than they are of her. Some transgender women are dangerous, yes, but no more than are dangerous in the population as a whole.

The argument seems to be that males (however Althouse defines that) are always more dangerous than females. Anyone who looks vaguely masculine is automatically a greater threat. How much more irrational could you be? Women never assault women? Transgender women all look like quarterbacks? She may like to think that hers is not an irrational fear, but laying her argument out clearly shows that it is just that.

I don't know if you wanted this kind of comment -- please let me know if you didn't.
Apr. 4th, 2005 08:29 pm (UTC)
I don't know if you wanted this kind of comment -- please let me know if you didn't.

Well, part of the reason I throw the links out there is that I want my friends to respond to them so I know what they think of what these bloggers are saying, so yes, this is exactly the kind of comment I'm looking for.

My summation of the piece was probably a little too flip. It's a serious subject, and I probably should have linked the first article she did on the subject. I'm not sure what to think, really - there's good arguments on both sides of the issue, and she did include an e-mail from a straight woman who appears somewhat masculine and does often run into hassles when she uses the womens' room. It's something that needs to be hashed out.
Apr. 4th, 2005 08:38 pm (UTC)
She did include that letter, but she doesn't really pay attention to the points it raises. As I mentioned, her argument looks pretty stupid (to me, anyway) when laid out clearly. She's arguing that she, and transphobic women everywhere, should be the final arbiters of who gets to use the women's bathroom. I'm sure a lot of white women in the 50's felt the same way -- "I'm justified in being afraid of sharing a bathroom with a black woman, because they really are more dangerous." It's the same bad reasoning.
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