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Didn't see that coming

Woke up before noon and couldn't get back to sleep; weight was up but BG was down. Did breakfast, cycled a couple of loads through the laundry, and then headed over to Sahara Square to take my Senior Tax Specialist exam. That was going pretty well until I got to the Blockworks part, at which point I discovered Blockworks wouldn't load for 2015 or 2016, which meant I couldn't do either of the shell return exercises that made up the last third of the test. So I packed up all my stuff and went off to take advantage of Taco Tuesday.

Having finished the tacos, I spent some time on Left 4 Dead and got to the waterworks before having to quit. Slowly getting better at the game.

Refueled at Sam's on Pecos ($2.229, ugh) and got a rider from the airport as I pulled into the staging area. That took me south of Blue Diamond and west of Durango, then I got sent on a wild goose chase by UberEats, and finally picked up a rider from south of Cactus who was going to just the other side of the 95. I was having real problems staying awake, so I punched out and went home. Made $29 between the two trips, which brings me up to $102 for the week. No tips, but babe count was two (okay). I'll try it again tomorrow night after I get done stuffing my face at Fogo, assuming I can even move.

Read Creatures of Light and Darkness last night before falling asleep; might do the same with Lord of Light tonight, although I think the chances of me just passing right out when I hit the pillow are better.
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