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Welcome aboard!

I see in the wake of minicon40 that some new chums have befriended me, for which thanks is due to edminster (tell your Dad to get off his butt and sign up! It's free! ^^), jiawen, luned, and last but not least mplscorwin, purveyor of fabulous LJ bling!

Take a look around; don't let the occasional outburst of Falangist libertarianism put you off. I do a fair amount of linking to blog posts of interest and also thinking out loud about the public school system, local SF & anime fandom, and whatever else I damn well please, 'cause isn't that what an LJ is all about? You'll also find the occasional review of anime, books and movies in here, plus now that baseball season is nearly upon us you're liable to be subjected to occasional whining or bragging about how well my fantasy baseball teams and the Twins are doing. Hope you like it, and feel free to leave some comments. You know I'd do the same for you. #^_^#
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