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Thinking out loud about Minicon

I should be showering before hauling phoenixalpha to the Dead Dodo party, but I want to get this down someplace before I forget it.

The thing about Minicon 40 is that it's a beginning. It has potential to become a smaller version of what it used to be, or to relapse into the undead corpse of what the Gang of Ten wanted it to be, which is to say a small convention for the True Fen of Minneapolis, their feelthy pro buddies (some of whom had once been fans), and folk singers*, plus neos who could be harvested for their money and volunteer labor and then cast aside like spent condoms. (Geez, you're bitter. - ed. Imagine how I'd be if I'd actually been through the HRMP Wars. -ws) Now, there are a lot of fans who would be perfectly happy with a convention like that, my ex being one of them, but as we've seen over the last ten years, that's not a sustainable model for a convention because the Old Pharts are cheap sonsabitches and won't pay the money to actually hire professionals, who are the only people who will put up with that kind of abuse. Kids these days will tell you to go fuck yourself, or just walk away from the whole miserable scene.

Yeah. So. Obviously Greg and Lisa and the people on their concom don't want to see this happen, and while dreamshark and cakmpls may not have actively opposed the Gang of Ten at the time, they at least realize that the HRMP Minicons are dead and should be taken out to the woods, burned, slaked with lime and buried lest they drag the rest of MNSTF down with them. I give them full credit for good intentions, but there is a serious generation gap problem. I think there are a lot of second-generation MNSTF kids who were burned by the abortive "Minicon: TNG" thing, and they're gunshy of getting involved with Greg's Minicon because they're afraid of the same thing happening. Those are the people who should be getting ready to step in and take charge once Greg is done, as I believe he will be after Minicon 41.

If Minicon is going to be successful, there has to be a changing of the guard. The Young Turks need to take over and make Minicon their own instead of hiding in LJ parties or sloping off to CONvergence. OK, they can and should do that too, but you know what I mean. They have the opportunity to make the con and the club their own if they want it...and to tell the old farts and folkies if they don't like the new Minicon, they should shuffle off to La Brea, because their tar pits are waiting. It's not like very many of those people are lifting a finger to help anyway.

*Filking is one thing, but in these parts there's too much crappy original folk music mixed with inept Grateful Dead covers and not enough of the Old Songs. Yes, I am biased on this.

That's the way I see it. Now for a shower, a shave, and a drive to the Heart of Darkness Dead Dodo Party.
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