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Minicon 40 After Action Report

You know things have changed when someone cracks the joke, "This is the worst CONvergence ever!" and the con chair takes it as a good-natured compliment...actually, the real first sign was when Greg Ketter and Lisa Freitag made the rounds of the local SF conventions, inviting all the fans who had felt crapped on by the HRMP a decade ago* to come back. The second sign was the con committee announcing that they were going to do some things that hadn't been done at Minicon in a while, namely, a video room and some programming devoted to anime and manga. Those panels (one on Hayao Miyazaki and another on graphic novels v. manga) were well attended, but the anime/video room suffered from the fact that since I was running the anime part of the program and wasn't really able to do much until Detour was over, I couldn't settle on a list of videos until it was too late to get the schedule into the program book, and so attendance was spotty. Maybe next year.

More stuff about Minicon 40 follows...
So...announced attendance was ~560, which is up from last year. Minicon apparently did day passes this year (another innovation) and I'm sure having Terry Pratchett as GoH helped some. Greg said that financially Minicon was a success, which is good.

As for me, it was an okay convention. I didn't get to see that much of it, since most of my time there was spent spinning AMV, playing DVDs, or fighting with the equipment. Thanks are due to Lauren and stuckintraffik for swinging by on Saturday morning with the Room Party Kit after miscommunication put me in the unequipped and half-empty Atrium 4 instead of the largely ready Plaza 4. The sound box came in handy since otherwise doing sound for the AMVs off the laptop would have been a no-go. Aside from the video room and the two panels I was on, I spent most of my time Saturday night hanging out at the consuite until phoenixalpha started whimpering about wanting to go home and sleep. Kids these days. They're all worthless and weak. Obviously I have failed to train her properly in the ways of our ancestors. ^_^

Closing ceremonies were Sunday at 3, very well attended, much thanking of volunteers by name, random silliness (some of it amusing, some not) including Geri Sullivan doing a rain of small plastic frogs, at which point I muttered to Scott, "If she starts throwing little bags of blood around, knives out and follow me." We left for home, and I went back around 10 PM to check out the dead dog. Didn't find Ken Fletcher, and the consuite was infested with folk musicians including my ex, so I hung out in Krushenko's with Eric Heideman and Dave Christensen and qob and Erica (Stark?) and some dude whose name I still haven't gotten who is apparently Erica's husband or boyfriend (whatever) watching Dr. Mordrid and The Killer Elite, the latter of which I'd been wanting to see for about 25 years. That kept me up past 3 AM, at which point I decided it was time to leave since Eric had fallen asleep and Dave looked ready to. So I motored home, having resigned myself to getting a short nap instead of a decent night's sleep on account of wanting to crank this out.

So was it worth the $35? Yeah, probably, if for no other reason than seeing the handful of MNSTF members I actually don't mind seeing, plus the added benefit of being able to hang out and watch a buttload of anime on a big screen. I might do it again next year if Greg asks. We'll see.

Addendum: This is also worth looking at. Many pictures.

*Some idea of the impact of the HRMP on Minneapolis fandom can be found here.
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