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Taking stock on Good Friday

Good Friday seems oddly misnamed. It is a Holy Day, but one that commemmorates a part of our history we'd rather forget. Nobody who has meditated on the Passion of the Christ needs Milgram's experiment to convince them of the dangers of conformity and obedience to authority; the scenes in the Temple when the crowd cries for Barabbas to be freed reminds us that we are all Jews, all equally guilty of demanding the death of the innocent Jesus. Yes, it's the horrible sacrificial death that must precede the joyous resurrection of Easter, but it seems far too dark and filled with horror, perhaps because it forces us to examine the parts of our souls we really don't want to look at, the parts we want to forget.

It seems an appropriate time to look back and consider how I've done this Lenten season. Obedience to the Law of the Fish (including fasting on Ash Wednesday and today), check; repentance and confession, nope; attendance at Mass, ditto. I'll make it to Good Friday Mass at St. Olaf's today, and very likely to the 8 AM Sunday mass at St. Edward's before I head in to do video stuff at Minicon, but I really should have made time to get to Mass more often.
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