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One down, one to go

Well, that went fairly well. Not all of our department heads were at last night's AD2005 post-mortem, but most of them were, and we can deal with the rest on April 2. I met with drunkenphlower before the post-mortem to go over the hotel bill, which I think we're going to have to go over with the T-bird again because things aren't adding up quite right, The way I see it we should have gotten some money back on the function space side of things and not paid so much on the room side, since we made our room block (and then some) and it doesn't look like some things were charged and/or credited properly. Nothing that can't be fixed.

I led off the post-mortem by taking full responsibility for the staff room screwup (since the hotel staff wasn't there to take their share of the beatings) as well as the disorganization in Operations, which is, after all, my bailiwick. This may have softened the blows that followed, since I had a fairly lengthy list of things that need to be worked on for next year, starting with intra-staff communication, which was just abysmal at times and not helped by some young idiots thinking they could function just fine on three hours of sleep. I pointed out that while technically they might be correct insofar as shuffling papers and handing out badges was concerned, biting the heads off our members and fellow staff was not okay and tended to happen more often when we got tired. Praise was also handed out along with the criticism; by and large, everyone did a pretty good job, but there's always room for improvement. Third time's the charm; after learning from this year's mistakes and continuing to beef up the staff, we should have things pretty much down...provided we write all this stuff down so that we can check it when (as will inevitably happen) somebody else needs to pick up the ball and run with it, or we can't remember exactly what we were supposed to be doing. "Write this in the book of procedures, and rehearse it in the ears of the staff," to paraphrase the Book of Exodus.
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