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No mercy from the Supremes, and damned little justice

Captain Ed nails it:

"We've sentenced a woman to die in a manner which we wouldn't dream of ordering for a dangerous animal or a convicted terrorist, and now we have to watch as the people who supposedly should be protecting her force her to die horribly. I'm praying for Terri and the Schindlers, but I think that's all that's left."

Ed has been following this a lot more closely than I can bear to. People talk a lot about how this whole business has been an opportunistic grab for votes by the GOP, but it sure hasn't worked out that way, according to a lot of moderate folks like Glenn Reynolds, who are wondering if this is the point at which the Grand Alliance of Christian conservatives and libertarian hawks collapses. Me, I just think this is a truly sad episode. One helpless woman is about to be put to death in a way that would get you sued blind if you did it to your cat or a cow, and the law does nothing. This may be legally correct, but it has a moral hole in it the size of the Death Star.

I've disabled comments because I already know what y'all think about this...and for once, this is not a post to spur discussion but just a comment on the way I see things. Deal.
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