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The Amchitka Variations

This has been floating around my head the last few days (along with a mutiny scene for Starfighter Girls) so I figure I better get it written down before it goes off to wherever old, bad Ideas go when you stop thinking about them.

As most of you readers know, Conelrad is an electronic music solo project who derives a lot of his inspiration from Cold War events, especially those pertaining to nuclear incidents or near-incidents (Able Archer '83, Prypiat, Tsar Bomba...) and does an excellent job of setting a mood with his use of distorted speech, drone, and ambient music. I'm not sure how receptive he is to suggestions, or I would have inflicted this list of proposed tunes on him by now.

The Amchitka Variations

  1. Kyshtym
  2. Davy Crockett
  3. The Pentomic Scale
  4. Long Shot
  5. Milrow
  6. Cannikin
  7. Honest John
  8. Genie
  9. Little John
  10. Project 437
  11. The Pluto Yard


Tags: history, music
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