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Anime Detour 2004...

...been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the denim staff shirt. (Thanks, Rana!) Probably the main thing to remember about the whole weekend - besides the fact that it was the most fun I'd had with my clothes on in quite a while - is that we were damned lucky to have pulled it off. Sixteen staff and 1219 members, people. If we hadn't been blessed with a legion of hard-working, selfless volunteers who stepped up to the plate when we needed them, we would surely have been buried in a wave of upset & angry otaku. As it was, we have a healthy number of people who have been invited to join the few, the proud, the utterly insane who staffed AD this year. We'll need them. We had 612 pre-registered members and almost the same number of walk-ins, and anyone who thinks they won't go home and tell all their friends is either dreaming or on drugs. 2500 next year? When do we start the pool?

We're supposed to do the post-mortem this coming Thursday, elect a new board for ATC (the parent non-profit) and pick a new con chairman. TJ doesn't want the job - he said so well before the convention, and I understand his reasons completely. He pretty mcuh fell into the role when Jon bailed on us, and did an OK job, but he knows as well as anyone that he's not a people person, and he's not going to put himself through this again. There's several candidates for the job. *shrug* We'll see. We have a couple of months before we really need to do anything, though there are already folks agitating for a room party at Convergence, and after that comes AI (props to our Iowa members) and Diversicon, and Valleycon 30 in October (props to all the ND fans, especially the lovely & talented Anya) and after that we'll have to buckle down and start working seriously instead of wasting all our time at room parties. *grin*

Next year I'm just going to concentrate on Finance & Operations. Video has enough people aboard between Aaron and Brian and the Anime Gods from Milaca that they don't need me for next year, and as far as registration goes...I guess I could do it for next year too, but I'm worried about burning myself out again. I figure between Jacqueline and (hopefully) Anya and a squad of volunteers we ought to be able to make it go more smoothly than it did this year.


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Apr. 4th, 2004 10:01 pm (UTC)
1219 plus staff
If I remember correctly - and I do, because of my extensive email archive - I told you that you would get more than 1000 attendees... onward to plunder!

Apr. 5th, 2004 04:02 am (UTC)
Re: 1219 plus staff
That's 1219 including staff, in fact. You did indeed say that we'd get more than 1000 members, though...and our Chief of Security said we'd get 1500, but nobody took him seriously. Next time we'll know better.
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