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Long-delayed down time

The board meeting went well; tjstriker insisted on doing a post-mortem for the benefit of the Board, which was actually a good thing even though I'd discussed a number of these things with stuckintraffik, drunkenphlower and phoenixalpha, among others. By an odd coincidence, we shared the MCAD cafe with a Japanese school group, who gifted us with a couple of pies, tortilla chips, and a chocolate cake that they didn't want to take home; I thought it was very nice of them and strangely appropriate.

After the meeting I hauled phoenixalpha over to pkat's place so herself could work on her algebra. Between that and the duffle bag business and eventually driving back out to Falcon Heights to retrieve phoenixalpha, I didn't get to spend as much time hanging out with stuckintraffik as I might have liked...so today I rebelled and did absolutely nothing except laundry and face-feeding and C2P. Well, okay, I did drive Scott over to the Sprawl so he could catch a bus into St. Paul on account of he has work this week. Yay for improving weather! I have a little bit of homework for Assessment to do, and I need to compile the list of Anime for Minicon as well, but after that's done I'm going to bed early so I can get another good night's sleep. I deserve it.
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