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a nice morning wasted at the county convention

Woke up at 0700, and despite yesterday's poor meal choices, I lost a pound and a half. No ketones and my BG was up a touch, and my BP was marginal. Had a cup of the Atomic Blast coffee and sloped off to the Rio, where all was chaos and confusion. They had my badge, but initially wouldn't release it since I wasn't on their list; after about an hour, the sergeant at arms made an executive decision that I and people like me could just add our names to the list, since we had obviously registered at the caucus and paid our $40. Nobody could tell me if my precinct's delegates had shown up, there were no designated seating areas, and after sitting around listening to various candidates not running in my district make speeches, I decided to go get breakfast.

Didn't have to get a players card for a discount since 1) the Rio is part of the Harrah's/Caesar's/Planet Hollywood Total Rewards crowd and 2) they didn't give a discount at the buffet, it was $34 period. Well. Not eating there again. The food was good, but I wasn't hungry enough to have more than one plate, and after finishing that I went back to the convention hall. I never did find out if my delegates showed up, but I left at 1230 anyway since I had a client at 1300, but not before I signed up with the Cruz campaign to be a delegate to the state convention in Reno next month. From what I gather, I might be going anyway since only half the 6000 delegate seats were filled at the caucuses, and nobody is sure how many of those 3000 are interested in going to Reno.

My 1300 client was a no-show, but Mike came in and paid for his return; managed to use the last of the office's wallet to get the price down to merely annoying instead of completely unreasonable. Had another walk-in around 1600 which was moderately profitable, and that was it. On the way home from the office I made a field in the Commercial Drive shopping center, nuked Lurnberry Towers, which had been flipped, rebuilt LVCC and threw links (and some fields) in all directions, and arrived home all tired out despite the ham & turkey & bacon sub I had mid-afternoon. Beginning to wonder if I have an abscessed tooth or an infected gum or maybe just a cavity. I'll find out after the season.

The Block Rewards Card replacement showed up today with $35 on it. w00t. Think I might go see Deadpool tomorrow before tucking into Rule 5 Sunday.
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