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...and everything arrived at once.

Weight dropped like a rock this morning and BG did likewise; it probably would have dropped further had I not forgotten to take my meds yesterday evening. I am below 390 for the first time in a long while. Probably need to start wearing the size 56 pants soon, and maybe investing in a new belt besides.

The TV arrived today, as did the Fire Stick - and the vacuum cleaner, which I had stupidly sent to the office. Picked up the TV en route to work and hauled it inside once I got there, since the trunk is unreliable, and left the vacuum behind when I went home. I can always fetch it home tomorrow night. On arriving home, I hauled the TV upstairs, went down to the mailbox to fetch the Fire Stick, and spent the next half hour assembling and plugging stuff in. The HDMI sockets were a pain in the butt both on the video card and the TV, but I got it all working. I know I'm going to have to shell out for an MLB.TV account, but the ESPN Watch app seems pretty useless since it insists on me having a TV provider. What's the point of having a Fire Stick if I'm paying for cable? Ah well; most of their programming is shit anyway. Will need to repurpose one of the empty Amazon boxes to elevate the screen a wee bit.

Work was busy, busy, busy. My first hour was free, but otherwise I had clients (or their work) from 1400 on through to closing. The first and last clients paid off; for all the first one's grouching about the cost, he took a Federal and a State RAC along with an Emerald Card. Fred's return, of course, was pretty hefty and we're going to talk in the off season about getting his expenses more organized and paying some estimated taxes so he doesn't have to write a five-figure check to the IRS. One of my clients from Virginia finished their return and paid for it tonight as well, so I had a REALLY good day from the revenue POV.

Didn't eat much today for lack of time. Lunch was the first meal of the day - a half-pound guacamole bacon thickburger with side salad - and I had a protein bar around 1600 when I finally finished going through two years of bank statements for a client who'd dropped off his returns. So for the day I'm sitting at ~1500 calories, 14.7 net carbs; I'll have a bite of cheese before I retire so I don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night like I did last night.

Tomorrow is going to be busy as well - need to clear out a bunch of boxes so that the deliverymen from Walmart can get the bed into my bedroom. It'll keep me busy and out of trouble, I reckon.
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