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Public transit and its woes

I see in the Fish Wrapper of the Twin Cities (hey, it was a copy on the bus, it's not like I paid for it) that the Met Council is looking at cutting service and raising fares again, which is the same successful strategy that has improved ridership on other mass transit systems around the country.

A couple days back, P.J. O'Rourke took a snarky look at the problems with mass transit; Clayton Cramer takes a more serious tack in his essay.

Locally, there doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about it, except for the fellow at Residual Forces who is using it as a call to arms against the Met Council and draws an analogy to the UN which I think is a little weak...the Met Council may be a bunch of unelected drones spending our sewage money on dubious smart growth notions, but at least they're not out raping children in the Congo. We can give them that much credit, folks. I digress, however. I think Clayton Cramer is right: the mass trnasit systems in too many cities have become just another jobs program for the unions. Repealing the bans on jitneys would help, as would facing the fact that for many of us out here in suburbia, the express bus is a convenience, not a necessity.
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