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Talked to some of my department heads today and have come to the conclusion that my current depression is more due to my fatigue/lack of sleep than a true perception of the actual situation. So much the worse for me. I am giving strong consideration to just going home and going to sleep instead of driving out to Chaska...the paper that was due tonight isn't even at the outline stage, and I still don't have the fecking book, which B&N wants $37 for. Curse those ripoff textbook publishers, CURSE THEM! *SHAKES FIST*

Ah, well. The gas may be cheaper in Chaska and the burgers beefier, but it's a long long drive and I am so very tired. I'm sure Steve and Sondra will understand, and it's not like they have any doubt about my writing ability anyway. Plus, I can always phonee-mail it in...