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So much for the afterglow

I had meant to just stop by the palatial stuckintraffik manor last night, recover my Apollo Four Forty CD, bum the AMV DVD off him, and then go home for a bout of paper-writing and an early bedtime, but my weakness for conversation betrayed me and I wound up staying there until 2330. This shot the original Wednesday plan of rising at 0500 and driving in at 0630 right in the ass, since I could barely muster the energy at 0500 to turn off and reset the alarm for what I thought was 0630 but in fact was 0645. So yeah, I'm feeling like hammered shit.

I also made the mistake of looking at my e-mail last night (panel topic for next year's programming: Wireless Home Networks - Blessing or Curse?) and got to read a couple of e-mails that killed off the remnants of the happy buzz I was still feeling after the convention. On the other hand, the guy who left his duffle bag (with brand new iPod) in Operations contacted us, so that's good.

I have the horrible feeling that the staff post-mortem is going to get very ugly very quickly, which is unfortunate since we did so well. For once, I wouldn't mind being disappointed.
Tags: anime detour
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