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That was the weekend that was

Despite my best intentions, I still got home around 5 PM. At least stuckintraffik made it home earlier than that, and a good thing too. Me, I came home, unpacked, ate a couple of sandwiches and answered some e-mail and some LJ comments to wind down from the weekend.

We did all right. Total membership was 1604 this year, up from last year's 1219; the warm body count was 1474. Most of them seem to have gone home happy, though of course you can't please everyone, and some people had legitimate complaints about the way things went that we're going to address at the staff post-mortem. By and large, the staff did very well; most of the weak spots were areas that we hadn't been able to staff up properly or hadn't done adequate pre-convention planning for, and this will be dealt with. Overall, I'm very proud of my staff. *salutes*
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