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A largely wasted Monday

See comments on fat and blood sugar in yesterday's post.

I didn't get Live at Five done last night and tonight's not going to happen either, Just too damn tired. Might be a sugar crash; drank breakfast, had a DQP and a Buttermilk Chicken for dinner, and noshed 200g worth of almonds as a midnight snack. Anyway, I did crank out an In The Mailbox post and will probably do the same tomorrow morning before work.

Work was six hours of boredom, relieved only by the fact that my Tax Book arrived and I browsed through it a lot. I also researched the rules on capital gains from DRIPs, because it's going to crop up on next year's return unless P changes her mind about selling that Xcel stock.

Both of the Facebook friends who are going to be in town for SHOT made it in okay, but both were too tired for any kind of hijinkery this evening. I managed to get the bookshelf out of the back seat anyway, and tomorrow I'll take out the garbage from the passenger side, maybe even lug the last box of Kerlix upstairs.

I think I'm burned out on fantasy and am re-reading Quartered Safe Out Here instead. In the Wasteland, I have acquired a loyal cyberdog sidekick named Rex, gotten him a new brain, and between him, Samantha and my trusty laser rifle we are almost but not quite up to taking on the nest of Deathclaws at Quarry Junction. Actually, I'd rather just find the damn Great Khan camp near the quarry, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get there except through the deathclaws.
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