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Soothing background noise

I should have tried that last night. Instead, I left the radio off for once, and instead of falling asleep more or less promptly, I tossed and turned for about an hour. So, even with sleeping in until 0700 this morning (and showing up 20 minutes late) I have now had a whole ten hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, which sucks pretty hard.

Did not do laundry this weekend (that's what I get for being social) so I am planning an all-out, do-or-die assault on the laundry room for tonight. This will allow me to get through all of Anime Detour weekend without running out of black T-shirts, underwear, or socks, i.e., the essentials. Double-plus good! I also want to take a few minutes and flip through the bills so I'm not blindsided when the 15th rolls around.

Apparently we lucked out this weekend when Joella fired the person who was supposed to be running the volunteer consuite/ready room/recharge room (pick whatever label suits ye) as he was also responsible for the Marscon con suite and did an awful job, acording to danae and New Guest Relations Guy Anton. Said person and his wife (who has done registration work for us) are apparently staging a convention at the Sheraton over Labor Day weekend. A tip of the wombat's helmet to mesmericone and a stiff middle finger to the Sheraton, which has yet to return our calls from last year. Bastards. A strong letter will follow, as Uncle Ted used to say in his WTBS days.

A few problems have cropped up before the convention (as I knew they would) but nothing insurmountable. Program book, T-shirts, and insurance are all on track.

Aside from lack of sleep, the only big change in my life has been a return to the ranks of the non-exempt...apparently the Feds have jiggled the law again, and thus I slip from salaryman to wage slave. No change in pay or vacation, which is all I care about; the only impact this will have is that on April 18 I'll have to start filling out time cards again. Of course, this being the biff-bang-zoom 21st century, it's an online web application yclept Webtime and not the dirty old carbon forms I used to use way back when. At least I'm not punching a time clock.
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