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"Kill many, sister! Kill! Kill!"

Which is only a slight paraphrase of the Borderers' cheer from this book, or maybe this one, neither of which have anything to do with feudal China, but it seems a very appropriate greeting now for drunkenphlower, who bought Dynasty Warriors 4 and DW4 Xtreme Legends from Josh this weekend to sate her need for stress-relieving carnage. If those games won't do it, there's no hope, since in order to progress in the game you have to kill hundreds and hundreds of Chinese soldiers and their leaders. Fortunately, the game is set up so that you're playing one of the historical bad-asses of that era, so by the time you get up a few levels you're wasting about half a dozen guys with one strike of your devastating weapon of choice. Kind of like D&D, in some ways.

EDIT It's the first one, and the line is actually "Star Spirit of Man with you, brothers! Kill many! Kill!" Close enough.

Anyway, that followed a fairly successful last staff meeting. I'm pretty confident that AD 2005 is going to go well. Everyone seems confident, the logistics are all in place, and the ad-hockery has been minimized as much as possible.

I took the day off due to accumulated stress and lack of sleep; went in to class tonight and told the instructor I was going to have to e-mail the test questions in. She was okay with that.