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An unusual Saturday

Today was the Saturday that killed Marscon for me, and actually it was just as well because there was AD stuff that needed doing. First I got up and went to the Saturday session for the research paper class, realizing en route that not only was I late, I was behind the curve since I hadn't done the article critique due today. Damn. Well, at least the Hardee's biscuit breakfast was good, and a nice change from the usual McBreakfast I've been having of late. Class was over by noon, so I went back to the Hardee's for a Monsterburger lunch before heading over to the storage area to do an inventory on the office supplies (we don't need any) the batteries (we don't need any AAA batteries) and the leftover T-shirts. OMG, do we have a metric buttload of 2004 T-shirts or what? Well, we'll do something with them this year. A lot of somethings. In the meantime, I dropped off the beanbag chair and Joella's consuite tote, threw out some trash, and departed.

Spent the rest of the day/evening at Kale & Lauren's playing The Farming Game (in which I learned hay does not pay) and Apples to Apples after admiring the new DJ setup the convention now owns and being subjected to some horrible dance music. What can I say? I never liked Technotronic.

Came home, got the airline tickets for Monica & Greg without experiencing too much of the painful burning sensation, and now I think I'm going to bed since I need to do laundry tomorrow morning before picking up Lauren and giving her a lift to the last pre-con meeting.
Tags: anime detour, teaching
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