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Charity and volunteering and work

I see that the Evil Banking Neighbor is now encouraging its wage slaves and salarymen to log the time they spend on volunteer work. I'm not crazy about this idea, myself. I've always been a firm believer in doing good anonymously, as Scripture directs us, and this business of logging volunteer time smacks of fishing for compliments and sucking up to a company that has a very public fetish concerning how much it gives back to the community through its employees.

I realize that in Minnesota, where corporate charity is practically the law of the land, this verges on heresy, but I'm not a Minnesotan, and the company's constant pushing to volunteer for this, that and the other cause really gets up my nose. Worse yet is the possibility that this tracking of volunteer hours might be used down the line as a factor in personnel reviews, which in my case suck badly enough already without taking my charitable work/volunteer efforts into account, thank you very much. As they say in the Knights of Columbus, charity begins at home, and if the company actually anted up a few more bucks a week into my check, I might be able and willing to do more than I currently do. Without their noodging me about it.