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To the green fields beyond

The programming grid is finally done, along with the programming descriptions. The welcome letters went out, although AT&T barfed back six of them because it didn't like the addresses, and that kept me up past 0100. (Thirty more came back this morning as undeliverable. Feh.)I have only a couple of pages left to write up for said program book, and then it's going to the printers. Scott finished cutting the badges out yesterday, so that's done, and he's going to finish up the Badger King's crown this week.

Turned out the questions for the assessment final aren't due until next week. Thank God, since I wasn't able to spend any time on the text until I actually got to class. As it was, Dr. Eubanks was ill with the flu and only kept us until 7...so I went home, played some HALO, and then cranked on the programming stuff and the welcome letter.

So I'm feeling a little better today than I have been over the last few days, on balance. Not even the annoyance of spending most of the day on a spreadsheet that wasn't what the Bank Accounting manager wanted bothers me...since it's what he asked for. Not my fault he didn't review the procedure New Guy Alex wrote for it before Alex left.
Tags: anime detour, teaching, work
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