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I used be Sad, but I'm Rabid now.

Well, that went about as well as it could have, if you were one of the Old Guard of Fandom, determined to destroy the Hugos in order to save them, or one of Vox Day's Dread Ilk, who've been waiting for an excuse to nuke the Hugos and sow the smoking ruins with (radioactive) salt.
tl;dr: a block of about 2500 members voted No Award for every category dominated by the Sad Puppy/Rabid Puppy nominees, which meant that half the written fiction categories got No Award, plus both Editor categories and the Related Works category.

If you, like me, were hoping to see some rationality and adult behavior out of the Hugo balloting, you were cruelly disappointed. Not only did the assembled Worldcon members cheer for each No Award vote, they smugly went out on Twitter and elsewhere and BOASTED about their accomplishment, thus proving themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt to be the hypocritical, politics-obsessed liars Larry Correia had accused them of being four years ago. Not satisfied with having destroyed the village in order to save it, according to a tweet from Charles Stross, they're going to "fix" the "problem with voting" that forced them to do this. Yeah, "fix", like the way the vet fixes your dog or cat. Some of them didn't even wait until Sunday; apparently a bunch of folks whined about Daddy Warpig's tweets in the #HugoAward feed, with the result that he couldn't publicly tweet and you couldn't retweet his private tweets. Which availed the SJWs nought, since a bunch of his followers found ways to get his private tweets into the feed anyway.

Well, we'll be back next year. KC is a lot more accessible than Spokane, and anything done at this year's business meeting has to be confirmed next year. If the CHORFs brought 2500-3000 votes to the con this year, we'll have to do better. And then we'll burn the fucker down. Vox was right. Mike was right. The SJWs want to make what used to be a mark of honor into an empty and meaningless joke? Sure. I'll help finish the job you CHORFs started.
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