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Just a few aggravating details later...

Well, we now have a lot fewer holes in the programming schedule, thanks largely to revolutionaryjo, willow_one, mrinx, and snowtigra, who are doing about a dozen panels in addition to running the AMV contest and cosplay. I still need to slot those panels into the grid, which I can't really do since my thumb drive is at work (forgot it in the rush to get out the door and catch the 589C home en route to class) and that's where the current iteration of the programming schedule is. At least I have the descriptions typed up.

Didn't get to class tonight until 5:30, way later than I had hoped, but it worked out okay. The course (Research Papers) plays to my strengths and if I can just keep current with stuff I'll be okay. Yeah, that's a big if, says the guy who still owes papers from last semester, but one has to start somewhere. Better late than never.

Tomorrow, the hotel meeting with Rick and the T-bird staff, T-shirt problem resolution, more work on programming schedule and the program book, and probably an early bedtime tomorrow night if I can get all the program book stuff thrashed out.
Tags: anime detour, teaching
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