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crawling back onto the horse

Not a good week. Committed an egregious act of dietary stupidity Tuesday night which kept me up most of the night and made what little sleep I got restless. Also, got a painful burning sensation in the right leg which didn't go away until I hit it with all the painkillers and Benadryl in the inventory, to include a couple of leftover Vicodin from the tooth pulling a couple years ago. I eventually crawled out of bed Wednesday afternoon and cleaned up enough to head out to Chez Seastrom for dinner and conversation, both of which were most excellent. Kimby agreed to come down Friday and get the remainder of the unclaimed furniture, which she'll drop at Salvation Army for the tax credits, so that should solve a big part of my moving problems.

I did get the unemployment straightened out, and received $220 in the SunTrust account Wednesday. This will help a LOT. Now all I have to do is get a mover to shift my stuff for less than $2000, and I should be set.

In the meantime, I need to head over to the storage locker and take a picture of the sofa for a prospective buyer, figure out how much stuff I have to repack in shipping crates, check mail, and then I can head up the parkway for the weekly chikuns. Made the mistake of calling movers for quotes and am now reaping the whirlwind in the form of e-mails and phone calls; this actually forces me to go out and get stuff done as opposed to lying around wasting time reading stuff I've already read half a dozen times.

Not much ingressing the last couple of days, obviously, but I did buff, recharge, hack, and link a few portals out along US 15 and 50. Hit silver on my sojourner badge, but I probably won't make gold on that until after I've settled down in Las Vegas.
Tags: domestic stuff, friends, go west young man, ingress
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