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Gizmos gone astray

So I found the thumb drive by virtue of going into town today and writing up the test I needed to hand in for class. It was stuck in the work box, right where I'd left it on Friday. Unfortunately, the Palm Pilot has now gone missing, and I wonder if I did something dumb like leave it at MCAD after the meeting on Sunday. Ah, you know the stress is starting to get to you when you're having these little memory lapses...

I finally got around to watching the rest of All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DASH! this past weekend. Spoilers follow.
DASH! is a twelve-episode OVA series that came out after the TV series (which I haven't seen in its entirety either) and a lot of APCCG fans absolutely hate it. After watching it, I have a better idea why, though some elements are obvious from the beginning. For one thing, Nuku Nuku's hair goes from red to a pale green, and the overall tone of the series is far darker and more serious than either the OVA or the TV series, which were both played largely for laughs. None of the characters are quite true to their earlier versions, and Nuku Nuku's origin story has been changed almost completely...it reminds me of Paul Verhoeven's movie rendition of Starship Troopers in that the only thing the characters in the movie had in common with the book's characters was that they had similar names and some of the plot details were sort of similar.

Except that DASH! doesn't even have that going for it. The art, while not as cartoonily awful as the TV series, is greatly inferior to the OVA, and the story is full of characters who appear to be significant (and in a couple of cases have the same names as characters from the TV series) but are just around for one episode and then disappear, which is annoying; I would have liked to have seen Oizumi and the Flower Girl used in more than one episode. I could go on quite a bit about the annoying character changes, but it suffices to say that they must have paid Aya Hisakawa a lot of bling to put up with the lobotomy they did on Arisa. Not recommended.
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