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AD2015 - D-1

Got up early (for me), showered, shaved and got dressed for the creditors' meeting; a comedy of errors ensued in which I went to three separate courthouses - all of which were the wrong place- before arriving at the right place, a nondescript office building on South Union Street, fifteen minutes late. Met my attorney in the lobby; he agreed that I was late, but no harm done, and gave directions to the hearing room on the second floor. The hearing itself was anticlimactic - none of the creditors actually showed up, the court officer swore me in and took my statements, and afterward my lawyer gave me copies of all my paperwork and said I'd be hearing from the court in two and a half months. I said I'd be sure to give him my address in Vegas so as to keep the court updated, and that was that.

Then I stopped by the DMV to transfer the title to the Red Menace and get new plates. Couldn't get the 0MGBEES plates from the Sportage since I still owe Fairfax County for a ticket, but I got something sort of suitable. (No, I didn't ask for CV-35.) Not that it really matters since I'll have to swap these for Nevada plates later in the year anyway...in the meantime, I'll need to stop by SunTrust tomorrow and throw money in the bank to cover the DMV check, since the title transfer and new plates cost almost three times what I'd been expecting. Welp
Final stop was at CVS for the large ABD pads. I got a week's worth.

Spent the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening procrastinating on packing, but I guess I better get to it now.

I am feeling very ambivalent about this year's Detour, for no very good reason. Reckon I'll whup it.
Tags: anime detour, domestic stuff
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