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The Law of the Fish

Got up early this morning after a good solid ten hours of sleep and still managed to be late for work, if only by five minutes. I think I ought to just install a time lock on my desktop machine so that I can't touch it until I get home at night...I get on there, start answering mail and surfing blogs, and the next thing I know I've missed the window for catching the 7:30 bus from Normandale Village. So, slug that I am, I wound up driving over to 99th & Aldrich to catch the last 597 into town. This is better anyway, since I need to do a little grocery shopping and fill up the tank on the Kia while regular is still just $1.79. There is much driving to be done this weekend, there is.

Anyway, since the normal McBreakfast is trayf on the Fridays of Lent, I went down to Bruegger's and picked up a bagel laden with their smoked salmon cream cheese. (I used to like lox, but don't care for the kind they serve at Bruegger's. *shrug*) That should tide me over until about 1 PM when I head over to Subway for the salmon sub. I suppose I could mosey over to the Falafel King after hitting the post office, since I really ought to mail out these damn CDs, but I'm still feeling a little tired despite all the sleep last night.