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Goodbye, Uncle Brendan

Woke late this morning and on checking Facebook, found a note from my Aunt Pat informing me that my Uncle Brendan was dead, just a couple weeks after he turned 80 last month. I didn't think he'd last this long, frankly.
Found a couple cousins of mine from that branch of the family on Facebook later in the day. Have to talk to Carlos once we find out when the funeral's going to be and see if he's up for a drive. Uncle Brendan was the token redneck of his generation; unlike the rest of his brothers and sisters who were at least slightly clerical, he took up truck driving and did pretty well at it. His grandchildren remember him fondly as "Papa Bongo", and so do I.

Knocked out the FMJRA and Rule 5 Sunday, but I think I'm going to rack out, get up early tomorrow morning and do a Live at Eight or something.

It was a nice day, but the closest I got to going outside and enjoying it was cracking the window to let some of the heat out this afternoon.
Tags: blogging, family drama

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