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shut-in Sunday

I woke late today (~1330) because I was up half the night playing Sword of the Stars after making several futile stabs at getting an online game going with jtrainor.

Ate brunch, spent the rest of the day playing SOTS and Game of War; in the latter, my alliance has decided to break up, change names, and see if we can work on building up without the preeminent assholes in the game coming by to burn our shit down on a weekly basis. Finally hung up both games to concentrate on doing the Rule 5 Sunday post.

I got further into Paul Cornell's* London Falling, which starts as a police procedural and then gets horribly, bloodily weird. Reminds me a lot of Stross' Rule 34. Still reading Cryptonomicon but I'm pretty close to the end of that.

Needless to day, I got nothing done WRT all the Block stuff I (at least in theory) need to be working on. Sucks to be me. At least I didn't go out and inhale a shitload of doughnuts, which I was giving serious thought to when I got up. So there's that. I did stock up on groceries last night after I did the FMJRA, and did some desultory Ingress, but my heart wasn't in it.

Tomorrow I have one last Skills to Win class in the morning, and before that, garbage and blogging, not necessarily in that order. I should probably take The Last Centurion back to the library while I'm out.

Lastly, fuck the solstice.

*Not to be confused with atheist comedian Pat Condell; this fellow is apparently well-known as a writer for Dr. Who and other shows on the Beeb.
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