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A good day at the VA and a better one escaping it

So I slept in when I should have gotten up at 0300 to do Live at Five, which meant the garbage didn't go out either. One more thing to take care of Sunday night. Had coffee, knocked out an In The Mailbox post, and went up to Chantilly for chikuns*; after that, headed in on 66 to the VA, making use of the Google Maps navigator. This works well enough for me that I doubt I'll ever bother to invest in a Tomtom or similar device, especially since the nagging from this app when it thinks I'm going the wrong way is annoying enough.

Anyhow, I drew a third-year med student from Georgetown this time, and he asked all the right questions. Quick consult with Dr. Laredo (King of the Leg Cutters!) resulted in Mepilex instead of Medihoney, because the latter has been melting all over everything, and an order for a new set of support stockings. Booyah.On the way back, the navigation app seemed bound and determined to stick me in the slow-moving flow on 695/295, but I fooled the app - got off 695 at 6th Street, doubled back on M to South Capitol, and instead of getting trapped in another mess on 295 where South Capitol splits off, I followed my memories onto Overlook Drive, which runs along the west side of Bolling AFB/NRL until finally dumping you onto 295 near Blue Plains. I made much better time on Overlook, and by the time I finally got onto 295, it was moving well enough that I got from Anacostia to Springfield in about twenty minutes of high-speed freeway driving.

Unfortunately Old Keene Mill was slow and poky all the way from the Byrd Library to Rolling Road, but there was no way to make a move for most of the way.

Not a lot of Ingressing today.

Larry Correia posted the seventh Christmas Noun story.
They'll never make it into a movie, unfortunately.

The Administration's actions on Cuba are despicable and pathetic, and I wish i could say I'm surprised, but I'm not.
The same goes for Sony and The Interview, although it's Hollywood and one expects them to be spineless when not confronting conservatives.

*The WGW wasn't in, but service was excellent and food awesome as usual.
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