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Behind the curve again

Got to class tonight and realized too late that the test package was due; fortunately Dr. Eubanks is fairly lax about due dates, so I need to find some time this week and hammer out some changes and additions to the test I have left over from another course. After class I lit out for home via the Cub, where I picked up some lunch meat, bread, yogurt and tapioca pudding.

On arrival home, I took to bed with a steak knife (because I have no idea where my letter opener went) and the remainder of the registrations. The final count was 142 for the day, which brings us up to 896, and of course from there 1000 becomes rather thinkable all of a sudden since there are all those people in the outskirts of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas who put their stuff in the mail on the 11th but too late to catch the truck down the Interstate to Minneapolis.

I think I'm going to screen this copy of Eiken I picked up before bedtime and see if it's Colorful with b00bage instead of panty shots or whether it's just dumb but amusing. I do know that looking at some of the characters on the box cover makes my back ache in sympathy. Review to follow, of course.

Oh yeah. I've been wanting this icon for a while, and I finally noodged phoenixalpha into whipping it up for me from a blank I found on the utena_icons community. Think of it as a trailer for the "Neon Knights"/Shojo Kakumei Utena AMV I'm going to do one of these days in my copious free time. Heh.
Tags: anime detour, teaching
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