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"That the Democratic party has attempted to hijack for itself credit for the hard and often bloody work performed for a century almost exclusively by Republicans, from Lincoln to Eisenhower, is a reminder that the party of Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton is not a place for men with a very developed sense of decency."

- Kevin Williamson, "With Landrieu's Loss, The End Of An Epoch"

This jumped out at me from my editrix's Facebook feed, partly because I'd been grinding the face of some fatuous Anglo liberal from Portland into the facts on that same subject for most of the evening on another thread. The idiot quoted Oliver Willis (!) at me as if Willis was an authority on anything besides bad posting.

In more pleasant news, I got the laundry done, though I had to drive over to Hechinger Plaza in North Springfield to get it done since the usual laundromat in Springfield was packed and didn't have any baskets free. That's an odd little strip mall - it's about half Spanish-language food joints, and the rest is either Vietnamese or Pakistani. There's a carryout pizza joint. Anyway, I got my stuff done and motored on home, zorching this and linking that, and throwing up a fair number of fields all the way from the Byrd Library to Indian Oaks, few of which would have been possible if I hadn't Jarvised the Electric Tree and gotten rid of that stupid, stupid link running west to Burke Lake.

Just about the last thing I got done last night was the index to all the book posts I've done for The Other McCain. That was a ton of work; I hadn't realized that I've been doing them for almost two years now, and even if I haven't been doing them every week, that's still a lot of books, with a couple of videogames and movies tossed in for variety. I got Rule 5 Sunday done (albeit a tad late in the evening) and now I need to buckle down and do tomorrow's Live at Five before it stops being late and becomes way too early.
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