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An afternoon in Occoquan

Today was the cross-faction meetup down in Occoquan, which I had never been to despite the town's being just fifteen minutes down Ox Road (Virginia Highway 123) from Chez Nguyen. It was good to see my Resistance compadres, meet some of the more sociable Frogs (though not, alas, BigDataDale or JLWasHere) and roam the street of a town so thoroughly marinated in history that damn near every block had a portal or two of its own. Figured I might as well run one of the available missions, so I did; racked up about 40 unique hacks plus some captures, links, fields (the latter two at double AP) including a trio of unclaimed portals at the Burke Lake golf course that I hit while trying to find the western end of a derp link that's screwing up my local linking and fielding. Judging from the ingress intel map (which, irritatingly, is not the same map one sees in the app's "Intel" tab) the portal I was looking for is on a trail off the end of Old Keene Mill Road and not accessible by car, so maybe I'll just hit the other end (the Electric Tree, off of the Cross Country Trail east of St. Bernadette's) tomorrow when it's daylight.

Conversation at the meetup was interesting; there was a lot of brainstorming on what Niantic could do for higher-level agents or just plain changes in the game. Two changes I could get behind are buffing link amps so in addition to extending the possible length of links, they also increase the number of possible links and/or add a little bit of shielding for each link. People liked my suggestion of having undestroyed mods drop when you capture a portal from the other side.

Since it's raining, fuck doing laundry until tomorrow, when it will (hopefully) clear up long enough for me to get to the laundromat and back. Took advantage of a BOGO at Boston Market to feast on chikuns and veggies, and packed up the other dinner to consume tomorrow.

And now, I need to buckle down and do the FMJRA, after which I'll begin assembling Wombat's Bookshelf, a blog intended to serve as an index to all the book posts I've been doing at Stacy's joint these last couple of years. I may even get some of my own writing done this evening, having been inspired by an interview with Tim Powers. (h/t Instapundit)
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