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Burning down the Old Town

I sure didn't get much done today...well, I paid for my phone and storage space and truck insurance and Tang has had the rent check since Monday, so the essentials are covered.
Forgot my wallet when I went to the bank to get a money order for the DMV, and got a bit confused about the time, so when I went back to get it I just headed for the Ingress meetup down at Hard Times on King Street. Got there VERY early, had some wings and chili, and then shifted upstairs to where everyone else was since it was after six when everything was supposed to start anyway. We hung out for a while enjoying happy hour and eventually five of us went over to Carlyle Street to burn it all down -and incidentally run a mission, my first one- before heading back to City Hall to complete the mission and spread more destruction, which we did. I got more unique hacks and captures, dropped a bunch of resonators, trashed some, and wound up coming back with more L7 and L8 stuff than I started with, so in that respect it worked out pretty well.

And that was Wednesday night. Looks like I'll be doing laundry on Friday, since I have DMV and parking ticket stuff to deal with tomorrow before the Skills To Win training at 1800.
Tags: domestic stuff, ingress
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