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And that was Monday

Well, I got most of what I wanted to do done; may have overdone it with the chikuns, or possibly I was hungrier than I thought by the time I got to Boston Market. About the only thing not done was laundry, and since I have a clean shirt, pants, and undies for tomorrow I don't really care. It'll wait until Wednesday.

Picked up The Last Centurion at the library after dropping off my finished books since the other volumes in the Drake/Flint Belisarius series weren't in. Also picked up The Many Deaths of Joe Buckley and Sam Schall's Vengeance from Ashes as my Amazon prime freebie.

Added and formatted essays to What Did You Do In The Cold War, Dad?; all I need to do is finish up "Highest Octane Nightmare Fuel" (hopefully about eight thousand words there) and tuck that in before I send it off to Andrea for beta reading; after that, to Joy for formatting and submission once I have Jen's cover art. Backup plan will be to have Joy's graphic artist friend do a shoulder patch collage and slap a title on it.
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