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Easy to say no

I was never that enthusiastic about Valentine's Day, which has become completely unmoored from its religious origins and become a celebration of romantic love involving chocolate, booze, jewelry, flowers, poetry...choose any or all of the above. I went though the motions of it when I was married, though, because it was the kind of polite ritual that keeps relationships going smoothly and happily, if only just for one day. (What a weird transition, from Three Dog Night to David Bowie. Hm.)

Anyway, this will be small consolation to the lonely and unhappy people who have befriended me on LJ, but I would ask them to remember that things could be a lot worse. Your friends could be using you as a target for archery practice after finding out the horrible truth that you're a Christian. Which is how this whole day started, after all.

I've got a lot on my mind, a fair amount of work filling my in-box, and a foot-high stack of Anime Detour registrations to deal with before I head off to class tonight. There's a programming meeting tomorrow and a registration meeting Wednesday, followed by a security meeting and StippleAPA collation on Saturday. I have no idea how I'm going to manage to be at both of the Saturday functions, but I'd better figure something out. I think LJ posting is going to be light this week, but we'll see.
Tags: anime detour, culture w/o politics
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