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Bye, bye, Chuck

So Chuck Hagel has resigned as SecDef, but will stay on until his replacement is confirmed. Given how contentious the Senate is likely to be, this may have given him job security through January of 2017. :v
The pravda is that he's not leaving due to policy disagreements; he's "not resigning in protest and not being fired". Who knows what the actual truth is?

I'll be heading down to Luray on Wednesday to celebrate the Feast of Gluttony with the Taylors and returning Sunday, which means there won't be a lot of blogging and probably not much LJ either.Actual time of departure will depend (as I commented to M) on whether I can pry money out of H&R Block today.

Weather is surprisingly nice today, but the weekend could be cold and snowy, and I'll be packing accordingly.

Couldn't get to sleep last night but didn't feel awake enough to blog; probably should have just grabbed a cup of coffee and driven on, but I tossed and turned until I eventually fell asleep. So of course I couldn't bring myself to crawl out of bed at 0330 and wound up doing an In The Mailbox instead.

Time to scrape the face, change into work shirt and pants, and head in to the tax mines by way of the post office, since I have a package waiting for me.
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