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Just another afternoon at the VA

Surprisingly, despite having a 2 PM appointment, I managed to get out of the VA by 3 PM and avoid most of the traffic problems on 395. Leg wounds are improving; Doc Laredo had the med students smear the wounds with Medihoney gel and then wrap me up. Next appointment in four weeks; sometime in there, I need to call the company that shipped me the new pressure stockings and have someone come out and do the fitting, since the rep was MIA today.

Tang brought dinner over from Boston Market last night and we all had dinner together. Boston Market's chicken tastes a lot better than I remember, and their vegetable sides were pretty good. Might have to pick me up a dinner there sometime when I have money. I probably should have avoided the lemonade and the aloe drink, which was...weird.

Picked up some more books at the library yesterday to go with Spellbound; The Sorceress of Karres, Dust (which I think I'm going to put off reading until I can find Shift), and Flatlander, most of which I think I've read before, but there's a new story, so...

Finished Clans of the Alphane Moon, which is some crazy shit. Which figures; it's Philip K. Dick.
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