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Catch-up Monday

For certain values of "catch up". I did get the Rule 5 post up this evening after doing Live at Five before bedtime.

Also went out to the Post Office, where the packages waiting for me turned out to be more bandages from the VA. Awesome, although it seems to be all Kerlix. Well, I have enough ABD and gauze and tape to last me until a refill order comes in.

Finished The Wizard of Karres, which of course is the sequel to James Schmitz' classic The Witches of Karres. Let it be noted that it took three authors - Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Dave Freer - to do the work necessary to produce a sequel that measures up to the original while not just being a re-run of the original madcap space adventure.

Did some Ingress on the way to the Post Office and back, going by way of Fullerton Road on the return leg to stock up on stuff at the blue portals there. Flipped the library and Rolling Valley, claimed Serious Fun, threw up links, fields, etc. I'm only 20k short of level 10, but unless a miracle happens and one of my portals lasts 20 days, I'll need 1413 control fields, 760 unique captures, or 3542 links to get the necessary medal. Not expecting any of those to happen for a while.

Tomorrow is my day in the tax mines. Skipped tax class tonight and will probably skip class Wednesday night as well. I don't need it for CE and I can study the material for the certification test just fine without having to endure a certain instructor.
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