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Eat Flaming Rockets of Vengeance!

Spent way too much time playing HALO2 deathmatches this weekend - about 15 hours, as I figured out later, between Kale's on Friday and Josh's on Saturday. No wonder I feel tired, cranky and destructive right now.

The meeting went pretty well - over in 90 minutes, though we spent about the same amount of time hanging around and shooting the bull afterwards. The disagreement over the T-shirt art was settled by having the original art used on the womens' shirts and a modified version with a less androgynous Construction Guy (i.e. Maria's original version) used on the mens' shirts. We also agreed to have a generic Anime Detour T-shirt done. Yay, progress. Plastic for the consuite has been ordered and will be delivered to me, though I like to died when J had a slip of the tongue and said it was a 24'x200' roll as opposed to a 2'x200' roll. Buttons and badges will be cranked out, schedules will be hammered out this week, and we should be all ready to rumble on schedule. I'm feeling good about this and think it'll go off without any serious hitches; hopefully this feeling will survive next week's pre-meeting session with the Board.

Was going to do CD mixes tonight, but I'm just too damn tired. I'll post the meeting minutes and call it a night.
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