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a weird weekend, and it's not really over yet

Friday I got paid by Block, and I tried to give PayPal what I owed them, but their website was all "nah dude, your card sucks" so I didn't. I also called USAA and got them to push back the truck insurance payment until next Friday, and after they agreed to that I promptly logged onto Ameritrade and sold $200 worth of stock from the Cardboard Box Fund. So that particular problem is taken care of, at least, and PayPal can just wait a couple more weeks. Wound up going over to Malek's and hanging out with cipherpunk to talk programming and SF and stuff like that.

Got invited to go see "Interstellar" at the Udvar-Hazy Center on their big-ass IMAX screen, and it was pretty amazing. The cast didn't waste a lot of time explaining the background to why the Earth was dying; this was just stipulated, and it was on with the show. I will say that there were parts of the movie that affected me more because I am a parent, and that the robots have some really funny lines, and you should absolutely go see this movie. It's at least as good as Edge of Tomorrow (a/k/a Live Die Repeat) but it's very different.

Afterwards, Mark and I talked about Ingress and books and SF and the holidays; looks like I'll be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas down at Luray lending a hand as needed and getting acquainted with Charlie III, the new boxer in the house.

On the way back from Mark's, I hacked a bunch of stuff in Reston, threw up some links and fields, and eventually got home around 0300. Also picked up some eggs and cream cheese; I have some plans involving the new bacon cream cheese, the pound of bacon I have in my fridge, and some chopped nuts of various kinds. We'll see how folks like it.

Today I haven't done much and will probably crash before too long. I did do the FMJRA, might get Rule 5 Sunday done...or not.

Two posts about the whole Requires Hate mess by Larry Correia and Sarah Hoyt; Sarah also had a post about the whole #shirtstorm mess. Also also Instapundit's column in USA Today that slams Rose Eveleth of The Atlantic for being a horrible person who cares more about what Matt Taylor is wearing than his awesome achievement. Because feminism!
One begins to get the impression that people are getting sick and tired of the bullshit and meanness being peddled by the feminists and SJWs, and starting to hoist them with their own petards. Maybe after we crucify a few hundred of these bastards on the crosses of their own hateful, bigoted words, they'll shut up. Because it's increasingly obvious what the deal is with these people.
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