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Holy shit, it's freezing out there

The cash from the Cardboard Box Fund arrived in the SunTrust account today, which means the rent is covered and I have another $150 to cover household expenses - such as picking up cleaning supplies for the bathroom, which I mostly did at Dollar Tree since it's even cheaper than Walmart. Surprising quantity of name-brand stuff there.

I didn't have much on the agenda today; mostly I ran errands, looked futilely for a Samsung stylus, and did a fair amount of Ingress before coming home and arguing with people on Facebook until cipherpunk gave me a holler on chat and wanted to know if I was up for Malek's. Which I was; there were some portals I wanted to attend to along the way, and as it happens I interrupted a frog trying to flip the rest of the Cross County Trail after getting the Electric Tree and Little Wrigley Field. I retook the park from him and pumped up the Metal Sculpture with recharges until he gave up and drove off. Weirdly, he messaged me while this was going on and asked if I wanted to say hi; what was weird was that I was standing about two feet from his passenger side door at the time. I texted him back: "hi", and he drove off shortly thereafter. Frogs, no sense of humor. :v

cipherpunk was a little late to Malek's but that was okay; conversation about voting, the recent election, and the kind of legalistic pricks who welsh on debts were all discussed along with Neal Stephenson and other SF authors. A good time with good food was had by all, and afterwards I went out, pronounced Exterminatus on St. Bernadette's and the adjacent portals to the west, and flipped the Lamp Post as well. I probably would have done more damage (and linkagery, and fielding) but Jesus, it was literally freezing out there, and trying to hack was getting a tad problematic. Not all of us are so lazy that we don't get out of the car, after all. Ah well...still too far away from that second gold, but I'll knock out the fifteen remaining fields I need for the fifth silver this weekend, I think. Especially if I can avoid the kind of mistakes I made today. Ugh.

Now to bed, perchance to rise and blog tomorrow afternoon...assuming I don't punt it to the evening and go out Ingressing instead, which is a very real possibility since the parks close after dark.
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