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A Monday on which much shit was accomplished

So: liquidated half of my positions in the Cardboard Box Fund, which means I'll have about $300 on the Emerald Card come Friday. Faxed the paperwork SunTrust sent me regarding the PayPal foofaraw back to the Fraud department. Looked up fares from Dulles to Vegas to Minneapolis and back again; for some reason Southwest wouldn't let me book the whole thing at once, but that's okay since you pick out the times and fares on each leg separately anyway. Guess I'll just pay for it one leg at a time...all things considered, assuming I need to leave a deposit for the apartment, the trip could run me close to $2000 when all's said and done.I better get cracking on those certification exams.

Didn't do much in the way of Ingress today despite the surfeit of local targets, but I did nuke Keene Mill and retake it. Fucking frogs must have had six control fields based off it, and that was goddamn insulting. Probably be more destructive on Wednesday.

Game plan for tomorrow is to get up in about six hours, shower, shave, suit up, get gas, and grab breakfast at IHOP - just scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. I'll pack a protein shake with me and probably order something in while things are slow in the late afternoon. We'll see how it goes.

I have nothing to say about the election, really; changed my profile pic on FB to indicate my support for Ed Gillespie and Suzanne Scholte, even though I don't think the latter is going to kick that scumball Connolly out of office. One can always hope, but the odds aren't good.
Tags: culture & politics, domestic stuff, food, ingress
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